Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Long time no see. A lot has happened, I have some stuff I want to write about and in general I want to get back in to the habit of writing. I find that if I don't write for too long, my sentences start to lose non-essential words and everything reads like it was meant to be a series of bullet points.

I am currently working as an intern programmer at Born Ready Games! (nb, standard disclaimer about these being my views not those of BRG or any affiliates etc. etc.). As a small company, I have had the opportunity to try lots of different things. Our most recent game is Strike Suit Zero (Steam, GOG), which came out in January (I got my first hand experience of crunch).

Next year I will be entering my final year of my degree, and as such am required to do a 3rd year project. I have about a bazzilion ideas for this and all of them are too complicated to do in 5 years, but I am slowly zoning in on one (or more accurately, a linked pair). I plan to talk about these more at a later date and then when I start work on them, have my development diary up here too.

I've also developed a couple of games in some jams (eg, Global Game Jam). I am planning on setting up a basic site that'll support hosting of games since I've made now I have a few.

I'm going to blog about this TED talk by Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking later this week. I am going to address how I think it relates to games, specifically indie games & the current trend of Kick Starters.