Friday, September 26, 2008

Animation in Blender

Blended is an Open Source (ie. free!) 3D program. You can download it here. I have always found it quite confusing, not least because it is 3D. However, I worked out how to do frame by frame animation. This is my result:

It isn't very impressive and, to make the video, I had to use Windows Movie Maker, but I am quite pleased with the result. I have done other animations using the particle effects, which are always quite cool, but this is my first proper animation.

For those who had the same problem as me, to insert key frames, you select your object, click on the object menu at the bottom and press Insert Keyframe. Then, select the type of thing you want to check, loc (location) rot (rotation) and Scale. Then, move your object. Then, go to the next frame, with the arrow keys, move your object and once again insert a ket frame. Repeat, bake for a few minutes (Nerdy joke, baking appears to be what you do to render the animation!) and there you have it.

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