Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Boids in 3D

I did it. I have completed my Boids motion flash project. The boids now stay on screen pretty much, do not accelerate to stupid rates and all 3 laws do work as expected.

I also managed to implement a depth motion as well. Although it is not perfect - boids are not rendered according to their depth (ie. boids can appear in front of boids they are actually behind) However, to fix this, I would have to re-draw every boid every frame, assigning them new MC (movie clip) names using the createMovieClip() function. However, everyone I asked said it was barley noticable.

You can view the finished result here
I also converted it in to a Windows32 screensaver, which you can download here.

I created the screensaver using InstantStorm. Botworks does not take responsibility for any damage caused by downloading the screen saver - it worked on my computer!

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